Bearing the Mark of Tin Chemical Excellence

Manufactured chemical can benefit mankind in many ways, including alleviating and curing diseases, boosting food production and serving as a catalyst for countless useful products. Unlike some chemicals, tin is an extremely safe element.

Mason manufactures and markets tin-based chemicals such as Stannic Chloride, used to toughen glass, to stabilize PVC plastic against heat, to prepare electro conductive coatings for solar collectors and a broad range of other applications. We also produce Stannous Chloride, used in pharmaceutical manufacturing as well as for thin film plating of electrical connecters.

Mason also markets a line of tin-plating chemicals including Potassium Stannate and Stannous Sulfate. Other products include Stannous Chloride Dihydrate that acts as a catalyst and a sensitizing agent for plastic and glass; Stannic Chloride Pentahydrate and Stannous Oxide can be used in Ruby glass.

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