Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Wt. – 298.94
  • Specific Gravity – 3.2
  • CAS No. 12142-33-5

Shipping Containers:

  • 50 pound plastic pails
  • 100 pound fiber drums

Product Description and applications:

Potassium Stannate is a water soluble white/off white odorless crystal.

Potassium Stannate is an alkaline tin plating electrolyte that produces a high quality deposit. It is also used for immersion tinning of aluminum alloys. It is non-corrosive to steel plating tanks and has higher current density and more concentrated solutions are possible because of its high solubility. This results in faster plating rates. Potassium Stannate is employed as tin salt for alkaline tin plating. In recent years acid tin plating has replaced some alkaline tin plating because plating reaction is accelerated and may be achieved at decreased temperatures. Nevertheless, the alkaline tin plating process has not been abandoned. In electrolytic tin plating, Potassium Stannate is the preferred stannate because of its increased solubility, enhanced stability to resist hydrolysis, and improved cathode efficiency. Immersion tin plating is used primarily to superimpose a thin coating of tin on the surface of aluminum pistons. The tin pellicle is applied without the impetus of electroplating because only a surface film is requisite and the tin can can displace surface aluminum through electromotive force. Companies manufacturing piston engines, electrical connectors, and oil country couplings are alkaline tin platers and may be presumed to be prospective customers of Potassium stannate.

A significant expansion in the market for hydrogen peroxide has resulted in a corresponding increase in the quantity of stannate employed to stabilize peroxide. Potassium Stannate can be used; material of maximum purity is critical to this application.

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