Product Line

Mason Corporation carries a large inventory of our products so your order can often ship same day!

Every lot of every product will come with a Certificate of Analysis. Tell us your desired packaging weight and we will fill to meet your specification. We can make solutions so you won’t have to. When you’re cylinders are empty, give us a call and we’ll pick them up. We can also help our customers with the introduction of tin to their process to reduce waste and maximize potential.

Our product line:

  • Stannic Chloride Anhydrous
  • Stannic Chloride Solution
  • Stannous Chloride Anhydrous
  • Stannous Chloride Solution
  • Stannic Chloride Pentahydrate
  • Stannous Chloride Dihydrate
  • Stannous Oxide
  • Stannous Sulfate
  • Stannous Sulfate Solution
  • Potassium Stannate
  • Tin Recycler
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