Mason Corporation’s specialty tin chemicals aren’t exclusive to North America. Mason has been delivering tin products overseas for 40 years. Because Mason strives to be a world leader in many of the products we market we have begun a partnership with a family owned company like Mason Corporation that can provide first class service all across Europe. Up until 2011, Mason Corporation marketed its’ services through Mason International Sales Corporation Inc. These sales were done on a direct basis or through a distributor that would facilitate the shipments and aid in delivery.

aakologoWhile Mason will continue to service most of our existing European customer base directly, we have made a decision to partner with AAKO on all new ventures. This was a very important and strategic decision for Mason and our management to help spread the availability of Mason’s high purity tin chemicals into Europe without losing the quality of service and a sustainable supply chain. AAKO was chosen as our partner because of the similarities of how the companies operate as well as the synergies between us.

AKKO will also act as the Only Representative for REACH compliance for Mason and its’ affiliates. We are confident that the dual relationship with AAKO as our manufacturer’s representative as well as leading Mason in REACH registration will help in keeping a well managed supply chain. If you are a European consumer of tin chemicals please feel free to contact either company for information as Mason and AAKO have total transparency in the European market. Please visit AAKO’s website

Aako is a family-owned company that has been trading chemicals for various applications since 1945. Our areas of expertise are sales & marketing, logistics and regulatory affairs. Our services are provided by market oriented teams that have a thorough knowledge of regional markets, product applications and industries. We keep local stocks and guarantee continuity of supply.