Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Wt. – 134.69
  • Decomposes – 700 – 900 degrees C
  • Specific Gravity – 6.95
  • CAS No. 21651-19-4

Shipping Containers:

  • 50 pound plastic pails
  • 100 pound fiber drums

Product Description and applications:

Stannous Oxide is a dense, black crystalline powder with no odor and is insoluble in water.

The black, lustrous Stannous Oxide has become the option of all mechanical platers in the United States.

Stannous Oxide can also be used as an intermediate for producing Stannous Sulfate and other acid based stannous tin derivatives.

Stannous Oxide is an active Esterification catalyst, which is neutral and insoluble in the ester products. The product of the catalyst reaction precipitates as a white solid, which can be filtered.

Stannous Oxide can also be used as a reducing agent in the manufacturing of Ruby Glass.

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