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A good neighbor since 1949….

Ralph Mason founded Mason Corporation in 1949 with the idea of reclaiming tin from process concentrates which came primarily from the nearby steel mills. While it was intended to be a profitable venture, this new innovative company also provided a service to the mills by alleviating the problem of the disposing of concentrates containing tin. As a result, Mason became a recycler long before recycling became a popular trend and was one of the early benefactors to the environment.

In the mid-1970s the company expanded its operation to include the manufacture of two tin-based inorganic chemicals – Stannic Chloride and Stannous Chloride (linked) – which are widely used by a variety of industries. Tin is known as the “Green” metal and has a long standing reputation of being environmentally friendly; this is perhaps one of the main drivers of the diversity of tin applications.

When the first cavity-fighting toothpaste was introduced, Ralph Mason had a part in its development. In fact, Ralph Mason holds a patent for the process used to make Stannous Fluoride, the active ingredient in the original product.

Mason is a worldwide specialty chemical company that provides resources, technological services and products to a wide variety of industries. Mason has always provided full value added service to customers in North America and all over the globe.

Ralph Mason was the innovator that theorized ways to reclaim and recycle a non-renewable resource. He built the foundation that created a strong family legacy and his processes remain core competencies of the company to this day. Don Mason was the entrepreneur from the 2nd generation that took the risk to grow the company into the world leader in inorganic tin chemicals that it is today. His mentoring and leadership to the 3rd generation created a strong succession plan for future growth. Don was the face of the organization for over 35 years. The company is now in the hands of the 3rd generation; Tim Mason, Todd Hofer, and Steve Mason who are carrying on the family tradition and advancing the company through the IT and technological age.

Mason Corporation’s Schererville plant employs residents of the northwest Indiana community. Since 1949, Mason Corporation has played in active part in community affairs through sponsorship of many area sports teams such as Little League baseball and the Schererville Soccer league. Mason Corporation has also donated scientific equipment to local high schools and provided research grants to Purdue University.

We take pride in our community, our people, the products we provide to our customers, and in the community in which we operate. It is our firm commitment to continue to be a good neighbor.

Mason is a worldwide specialty chemical company that provides resources, technological services and products to a wide variety of industries.