SnCl4 · 5H2O

Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Wt. – 350.61
  • Specific Gravity – 2.04
  • Melting Point – 56° C
  • Color: White to slightly yellow
  • CAS No. 10026-06-9

Shipping Containers:

  • 25 pound plastic pails
  • 50 & 100 pound fiber drums

Product Description and applications:

Stannic Chloride Pentahydrate is a solid that is completely soluble in water or alcohol, and is available in lump or crushed form. It is hygroscopic and will absorb water. This form of Stannic Chloride is used where the anhydrous product is not required because it is easier to handle and eliminates many of the handling precautions necessary for the Stannic Chloride Anhydrous (fuming liquid). Stannic Chloride can be used as an intermediate in the manufacture of: pharmaceuticals, electro conductive coatings, paints, pesticides, polymers, resins, wood preservatives and many more. While this product is preferred to use with the presence of water, Mason’s makes A Stannic Chloride Solution in many different concentrations that would be more preferred and more commercially available with higher volumes.

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