Physical Properties:

  • Molecular Wt. – 214.75
  • Decomposes – 360 degrees C
  • Specific Gravity – 5.13
  • CAS No. 7488-55-3

Shipping Containers:

  • 50 pound plastic pails

Product Description and applications:

Stannous Sulfate is a white to slightly yellow, heavy crystalline powder. When dissolved in a 5% Sulfuric Acid Solution, a clear solution is obtained. Gradual hydrolysis occurs over a period of time with the formation of insoluble tin compounds.

Stannous Sulfate is commonly used in acid tin plating baths, liquor finishing and drawing of steel wire. It delivers a high current efficiency and smooth, fine grained deposits. A bright finish can be obtained by flow melting of through the use of certain additives.

Many stannate tin platers have converted to acid sulfate. Room temperature operation, expedited reaction, greater anode efficiency, and a bright finish or matte finish options may be listed among the advantages.

The inception of acid sulfate electroplating was in the electronics industry. Currently, however, any plater untroubled by the hydrogen embrittlement will utilize an acid sulfate process. Because the anode provides all the necessary tin, only a minimal quantity of Stannous Sulfate is requisite in order to maintain the plating bath. Thus, there is a profusion of companies of modest capacity with a requirement for electroplating Stannous Sulfate.

The recently expanded market for Stannous Sulfate has developed during the past 15 years. Color anodizing aluminum for architectural or automotive applications has become a major outlet for Stannous Sulfate. Two binary procedures are employed. In both of these two step processes either all or one half of the tin emanates from the sulfate. One process utilizes inert electrodes, and the other uses tin electrodes. Therefore, the sulfate consumption varies. Almost one half of the Stannous Sulfate consumed in the United States is for color anodizing. Mason Corporation also provides a Stannous Sulfate Solution which can be beneficial for users if they planned on making up a solution using Stannous Sulfate. Let us do it for you!

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